Swedes in Saskatchewan


From left, Thomas and Goran with his (first cousin once removed) Scott and Scott’s nephew Quintin. Scott and Goran’s grandfathers were brothers. 

7:41 a.m.

I tidied the kitchen after they ate boiled eggs and toast for breakfast with their coffee, then downloaded my photos from the past week.

The two Swedes — Thomas and Goran— and Scott and Quintin set out half an hour ago through the snowing dark for Regina, where Thomas and Goran are to board a flight to Toronto at 11 a.m.

There is supposed to be an “Alberta Clipper” coming in, but I’ll try not to worry that they miss their flight or that anyone gets caught in a storm either coming or going. (Gunnar and Melissa are travelling in Asia right now and Scott has been fretting about their safety. I’ve told him not to worry, so I have to practise what I preach.)

Thomas is studying animal husbandry at university in Guelph, Ontario, and his friend Goran has always wanted to come to Canada to meet his relatives, see the land his great-uncle homesteaded, and observe the current cattle-ranching operation. With Thomas in the country already, this was Goran’s opportunity to have a companion and translator on his travels.

It was a flying visit. They were picked up in Regina on Tuesday afternoon and arrived here at Golden Grain Farm around suppertime that night. The extended family gathered three or four times for meals over the two days and three nights they were with us; I was at my sister’s but came home on Tuesday afternoon to prepare a pot of chili for supper, and then yesterday afternoon came back to stay, as Karen and her husband were on their way home from their holiday in Kelowna. So I had an opportunity to sit and visit with the fellows last night before everyone headed off to bed, exhausted, just after midnight.

Just as I expected, Swedes from “the old country” are lovely: polite, considerate, good-natured, wholesome people. I wasn’t the least bit surprised, as this is how I have always imagined them to be.


Cousin Perry’s family sent the gents home with genuine Saskatchewan gear.


One thought on “Swedes in Saskatchewan

  1. Kate, I was offered a scholarship to pursue my PhD in Sweden! I loved the people I met from Sweden, and was heartbroken that I could not take my children with me, so I had to turn the opportunity down.


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