Memories of Christmas Past

“The  Unappreciated Christmas Gift” is an entry made in a blog written by a local lady. Not real close by, but not all that far away either. Gail too is on a farm, I believe, and probably less than 50 miles away.

Her story about a bracelet she received from her mother reminded me of a gift my parents gave me when I was about 14.


Lefse was always made for our Christmas gatherings. This year I bought three packages of 10 from my sister Karen, who made a bunch to sell at a Christmas market.

When I was growing up, the extended family got together on Christmas Eve and opened gifts from each other. The wrapped presents under the tree would seem as high as the ceiling, and the kids would check the tags and hand them all out.

Early on Christmas morning, we kids would run to the living room to see what “Santa” had brought us during the night. The gifts would be set out on the couch or a chair, unwrapped, but somehow it was clear what was whose. Usually one of these gifts was a bigger-ticket item that we would never get any other time of year.

On this particular Christmas morning, my “special” gift was a one-piece Ski-doo suit.

What a disappointment that was, to me. I wouldn’t be caught dead wearing a Ski-doo suit! I probably tried to hide my chagrin, but Mom would’ve figured it out fairly quickly. I think the suit went back to the Sears store in exchange for something my pubescent self considered wearable.

But now! Forty years later, I’d wear that suit to go walking on the coldest winter days, if I had one.

ALL THINGS CONSIDERED is Gail’s blog. Click here to check it out. 


3 thoughts on “Memories of Christmas Past

  1. Goodness, you were a better pubescent teen than I!

    The pivotal Christmas in my life was when I was around 12 or 13. Up until that point I received toys or games of some kind for Christmas. The fateful Christmas was when my Mom decided I was old enough for an adult type of gift, a watch. My sister and I both received watches for Christmas, four younger siblings received toys. Sis and I were very disappointed, and I was less than gracious, shall we say, about the sudden, shocking shove into adulthood. There was no mistaking how I felt about my Christmas gift! I feel a little sheepish about it now, but have forgiven myself, and have come to deeply appreciate my Mom’s patience and love.


  2. Just the word “skidoo” makes me shudder. When I lived in Valcartier, there would be at least one fatal skidoo accident every Christmas holiday. Or maybe it was every winter, but we always associated skidoos with holiday disasters.


  3. I don’t remember it being a Christmas gift specifically, but there was this horrible dark grey parka with fake ratty fur around the hood that I had to wear for awhile. Not a good look for a teen girl. lol
    I’ve never had Lefse, but am sure it’s delicious!


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