Have a Good One

If you are seeing this on Christmas day, then I’m wishing you a happy one.

I’m not at home with Scott but at my sister Karen’s while she’s out in British Columbia with our sister Joan and family, and our dad. If all went as planned, I made gingerbread cookies and chocolate fudge on Tuesday and sent it along, so I am there in spirit if not in person.


At the time of this writing, which is the day before I leave home to go to Karen’s, I’m not sure how I’ll spend the 25th of December. Just another day, I figure, but I’m wondering now (Tuesday morning) how I will fare over there without my usual routines. How much will they be missed? Will I feel lost and lonely, or will I enjoy the change of location and situation? I’m thinking of the 10 days there as a retreat to my home town, an opportunity to do some things I don’t ordinarily get around to.

We shall see.