Candlelight for Mental Health


While getting ready for bed I usually close the door to shut out the TV noise and light a candle and turn off the overhead light, just because the glow from the flame is so comforting that I feel myself relax immediately. And more often than not, I don’t lie down and look at my cellphone or listen to a podcast on it, but instead recline in my pyjamas and simply bask in the golden warmth. It’s one of the nicest parts of the day.

As you are reading this, I’m at Karen’s. My candle will be with me.

I don’t suffer from depression (just the occasional depressing thoughts that may be simple anxiety; I don’t know) but many do, and when you are naturally optimistic and upbeat (as I believe I am) it is difficult to understand the struggle that so many people have. One lady in the southern States who has a beautiful life also deals with depression regularly and shares her feelings and fears with her readers. She’s a fine writer and I’d like to introduce you to her. Her name is MARY MOON.


2 thoughts on “Candlelight for Mental Health

  1. I don’t understand depression, to be honest. I think it’s a medicalisation of life. Life. Ups downs, hurts, disappointents, losses, deaths, sadness. Sadness is natural. We usually have a damn good reason for it. I think it’s Mother Nature’s way of telling us something needs changing. Get at it. Cry, rage, talk it out to self, then: make the change. You know what it is.


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