Little Shops for Mice


You will always find something interesting on Marilyn’s webpage, which comes from Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario.

Recently she pointed out a little store in Sweden — for mice.


There is always something new and often eyebrow-raising at NAG ON THE LAKE.

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I dream of bread with perfect crusts and risen like that bread. And will we get the recipe or just make do with drooling at the picture?
Your time away sounds well planned and of course there will be many dog walks. .I’ll bet you meet people when you do. I love seeing pix of people walking their dogs, the surroundings. Have you ever seen Jann Arden’s twitter? She does that and it’s just great to see what she sees, every dog walk morning.
Have a great time.

Hi Marms,
For the recipe, go to the Stubblejumpers Café Recipe Collection webpage at and look under the Breads, etc., section.
My sister’s home is very new and is one of only two in a lakeside development two miles from our home town. The other house is next door but vacant and for sale. I’ll definitely be out walking every day, though not sure whether there will be canine company. The dogs are two wee Yorkies and a larger but old girl, and as far as I know my sister Karen never goes walking. She is too busy doing housework and yardwork and every other kind of work all day every day. I’ll be looking out the front window across the frozen lake at ice-fishing shacks … and my nephew and his wife and kids live only a couple miles (walking distance!) away.
I do follow Jann on Twitter; well, “follow” isn’t the best word. I’m lucky on a day when I remember to look at my Twitter feed, let alone post anything on it.


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