Christmas Oranges

In November I bought this season’s first box of Christmas oranges for our house. I prefer the Japanese mandarins even though they are far more expensive. Does anyone else notice the difference between them? It may be just that the Chinese oranges have seeds. But it’s been so long since I had one that I’m no longer sure if that’s the only reason.

The last batch of bread in 2016 cools on the kitchen counter.

The last batch of bread in 2016 cools on the kitchen counter.

Tomorrow I head over to my sister’s and will stay there for the next 10 days, so today I have some kitchen work to do and will deliver Emil back to town and change the sheets on his bed so they are ready for our company from Sweden after Christmas. I have a long list of things to take with me to Karen’s, as I worry about keeping occupied at someone else’s home. It’s one thing when the owner is there to visit with, but quite another when you’re there by yourself with only small dogs for company. I don’t expect to have any internet for online reading, so I’m taking books and a radio; I’ll listen to CBC programs unless they’re overdoing the Christmas music. Lately at home I hardly ever have the radio on.

Also on My List:
-guitar? no, Karen’s will do
-green housecoat for sewing repairs
-quilt I started with Mom
-embellished vest to finish by hand
-upload podcasts before I go; cellphone charger
-old journals; laptop
-glass spray bottle for Michelle
-pillow, pills
-calendar and blue pen for tracking migraine
-beeswax candle and lighter
-thumb drive for Smart-TV; Orange is the New Black (season 3)
-herbal tinctures
-essential oils
-bread, butter, coffee, fruit, eggs
-shoes and slippers
-yoga mat, yoga pants

I’ve scheduled some entries in advance here, as if you don’t have an entire list of favourite blogs to keep up with over the holiday season. Hee! I wouldn’t want you to miss me too much or forget about coming back to Stubblejumpers Café.

Today’s tarot card will be the last draw for 2016. I’ll be doing New Year’s readings, as it’s that time again. Click on the tarot card for more information if a reading is of interest to you; I’ll be emailing them out after I get home on January 2 or 3.

If I come home for a visit during the next 10 days (and I will, because I’ll want to meet those Swedish fellows and kiss my Scottie) there should be an opportunity to check my email and look for your comments and so on.

So that’s it: over and out!


3 thoughts on “Christmas Oranges

  1. I dream of bread with perfect crusts and risen like that bread. And will we get the recipe or just make do with drooling at the picture?

    Your time away sounds well planned and of course there will be many dog walks. .I’ll bet you meet people when you do. I love seeing pix of people walking their dogs, the surroundings. Have you ever seen Jann Arden’s twitter? She does that and it’s just great to see what she sees, every dog walk morning.

    Have a great time.


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