Last Nice Day

After a weekend of lying on the couch feeling crappy with cold and flu symptoms, Scott went back to work this morning and the television will remain off till he arrives home this evening. Yay on both counts! I will be baking bread as I usually do on Mondays; for sure there’s no option to skip it today, as the reserve batch that was in the deep freeze was delivered to Everett yesterday when I went to town to drive Emil home from his brother’s house.

We have had two days of virtually windless, mild weather with fog and hoarfrost. It’s beautiful, but not seeing the usual open spaces as I walk down the road makes me nervous. I’m like a deer, easily startled, anxious in tall grasses or forest where, without warning, anything might jump out and drag me down. It’s only my imagination though. The only animal tracks I see in the snow are those of coyotes, which have never been known to attack anyone in this province. They generally vamoose when they spot a person. I don’t think about wolves and cougars, though we hear of the odd sighting and saw two of the big cats ourselves a few years ago, not a mile away. Through the open bedroom window early one morning this summer (or was it spring; months fly by now and so do years) I heard a long, low howl that I couldn’t identify, but last week someone on Facebook posted a video of lynx howling and it sounded very like it. I didn’t think we had lynx around here, but there you go. The wildlife wisely hides itself well.

I visualize myself, should an animal ever chase me, running up a tree. Hee! As if. I’ve seen too many martial arts movies or something. I doubt I could climb a tree even if I had an hour to do it.

The forecast has been for the temperature to drop drastically. Scott, who checks the weather reports every five minutes (not really, but it seems like it), pronounced that yesterday was to be “the last nice day.”




4 thoughts on “Last Nice Day

  1. Kate, when I lived at the country house I got into the habit of carrying a bear horn, it was a pressurized horn to blow to scare a bear away, were I to encounter one. There were lots and lots of bears there, as we were on the edge of wild crown lands. Perhaps you could carry such a thing, and some pepper spray or some sort of temporary blinding agent, just in case you run into some animal you can’t get away from.


  2. Oh boy, sounds like you are going to get what we’re already getting here in Alberta. Nasty drop in temps. Minus 25 with a wind chill of -30. Gotta bundle up for those outside walks I tell you.


  3. Winter has arrived here “somewhat”. Snowed Monday, then got warmer yesterday, today snow and rain mix. Heard it’s freezing out West, guess next week it will be our turn. All I have to worry about are the skunks living under the front porch. Take care, keep warm.


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