An Everyday Day

There are days when, after posting an entry and a photograph virtually daily for the past, oh, 100 years (it feels like), I am at a loss when it comes to thinking of something to write.

The worst that can happen is that everything and anything going on in my life doesn’t seem worth sharing. You know, who cares? Right? We’ve all been there, haven’t we? You’ve seen my road and my sky and my fields and my house 10,000 times now. I feel “all written out,” today.

It’s weird to feel this way, because my favourite blogs are written by those who post practically seven times a week and whose subjects really are the minutiae of their daily lives. I’m not looking for shocking dramas or heart-rending calamities or mindblowing conflicts. Nope, not at all. I like to hear what you made for supper and who you spoke to on the phone and whether you got a deal when you went shopping. I love the little stuff! The stuff that “won’t matter in 100 years.” So why do I fear that those of you who come here to read are so different from me? It’s silly, isn’t it. Just one of those days, I guess.

So, my mundane day? Here it is.

Scott brought coffee to my bedside table. This keeps me from sleeping till 9:30.

I got up, snuggled into the easy chair with Ducky Doodle, and read for a while.

Then I did the dishes while waiting for my bagels (which I made yesterday and burnt the bottoms of; I cut the burnt parts off and put them out in the suet feeder this morning. We’ll see if the magpies eat them) to toast. I’m so on top of the dishes these days that there are hardly ever any and I’m actually beginning to like doing them. Bet you never thought you’d hear me say that after all these years of bitching. Did I mention that Dad wants to pay for our dishwasher when we are finally prepared to get one? How nice is that! (Lucky, lucky, that is me.)

The laundry basket in our bedroom was full enough to fill the washing machine, so I threw in a load and decided today was a good day to dye some tops while I was going up and down the stairs anyway. Anything white or with white in it (mostly but not all hand-me-downs, thanks ladies) got dyed royal blue because white makes me look peaked. Now I have even more tops to wear with my usual blue jeans.

It was a mild day, with a breeze felt only when walking into it. I went north with Mr. Doodle, then turned and came back again and stopped in at the house to let him in because he must’ve been cold — he abandoned me at the driveway, ran in and sat on the step waiting. I picked up my phone to listen to CBC podcasts and left again, carrying my mother-in-law’s cooking pot back over to her place just 20 minutes south of here. I’d been over there the other day to make lunch for the fellas while they were tagging and loading up cattle to send to the market, and had brought the leftovers home in a pot for Scott.

Then I made Mexican Soup for supper, and Curried Cauliflower. A weird pairing but hey, it’s food. The recipes for both are at

When Scott got home and cracked a cold beer, I poured myself a glass of red wine and we ate and chatted a bit, and now here I am. I think Scott’s watching an action movie out in the living room, and I’m about to slip into “something more comfortable” and do some reading. It hasn’t been an exciting day; it’s just been a day. A nice day, and it’s gone fast.

Have I bored you? Writing about such a day has been more dull than actually living it.


Here’s what I’m reading.


One thought on “An Everyday Day

  1. No, its actually good to see other people have boring days sometimes too. :-) I guess those that live extremely busy and interesting lives don’t have time to blog or write a journal. While those of us with the time and inclination to do it, don’t have much to write about some days.

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