Couldabin a Criminal

One winter day shortly after I started working at an office in town, I was uncomfortable due to the cold interior temperature and walked two blocks to the discount store to purchase a cheap sweater to keep at my desk.

When I got to the ladies’ wear department, I was warm and took off my parka. To free my hands, I hung it on the end of a steel rod that was one of many sticking out from a wall behind me. A row of clothing items hung from the rod, and the roomy hood of my parka lay over top.

I went through the sweater rack, found one to purchase, turned and grabbed my parka. At the checkout, I set the sweater down next to the cash register and tossed the coat onto the counter so I could dig my wallet from my purse.

That’s when a variety of brightly coloured brassieres on little plastic hangers fell out, accidentally pulled from the rod and swept up along with my coat.

My surprise was audible, and I believe/hope it was clear to the two clerks standing there that I hadn’t been trying to sneak out with stolen merchandise. One of them was my sister-in-law, so I like to think she’d know better. If not, then that’s how easy it would be to get a reputation as a shoplifter, especially in a small town such as the one where we do most of our business.

That would be worse than having local people believe (according to some gossip Scott heard) that I’d been a “moonie” handing out flowers at airports when I was a much younger woman. At least that story was so ridiculous I had a good laugh when he told me. But the possible fallout from this particular incident still horrifies me alittle, for it would be the shits to be thought a thief when there is no way to prove otherwise.


Plate in hand, Scott the Hungriest Man in the World prepares to scoop his breakfast from a pan on the stove.

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Maggie Turner
“I don’t need you to make me happy, I just need you to leave me alone when I am.” -quote from the trailer [The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio]
The smallness of some men never ceases to amaze me!

That line in the movie really stood out for me, too. 


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