Bits and Bobs

It has been so slippery that for several days I haven’t been able to take a long, brisk walk. I go out with my new winter boots on — they’ve got grips that look like they’ll keep me upright — and pick my path carefully, taking my time. I walk where there are loose pebbles on top of the gravel, yet even they are no guarantee and my foot still slides. Our driveway remains a skating rink, and Scott reports icy patches on the roads. Our steps are also a danger zone, with their layer of glare.

I’m rereading Margaret Atwood’s The Blind Assassin. It must be a hell of a long time since I first read it, because I remember next to nothing of the plot or characters. Usually I don’t read a novel twice, but the local library sells used books for 25 cents and I picked up several for the trip to Calgary and Kelowna. This way if they disappeared en route it would be no big deal (I wouldn’t be losing a library book or one borrowed from a friend).

Atwood never fails to impress; she has a way with descriptive phrases.

“Wild geese fly south, squeaking like anguished hinges.”

There was a stack of books waiting for me at the library yesterday so I am stocked up on reading material. Emil was coming out for the weekend and had asked to be picked up after having his supper at the group home. We needed groceries here so a shopping expedition was required, and mail had come for Everett so I delivered it to him.

There is a Christmas craft show in Margo and I meant to stay with two of my great-nieces in the afternoon so their mother could ply her wares. But Emil came with a cough and runny nose, which means we stay home. Two teaspoons of cough syrup before bed knocked him out for the night — at least I didn’t hear any coughing — but he sounds rough this morning. He’s 28 years old and I still get anxious when he isn’t feeling well. Once your baby, always your baby.

It's a real farm porch, isn't it? The child's wagon contains onions from Scott's garden and an ice cream pail to take water out to the cats in the barn.

It’s a real farm porch, isn’t it? The child’s wagon contains onions from Scott’s garden and an ice cream pail to take water out to the cats in the barn. Did I mention we have three new ones? Just teenagers and quite shy, though curious of course.



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From Teresa on A New Day a New Way

I love your teacup in the left hand corner. Have a good weekend.

The teacup is one of a set my paternal grandmother won in a bonspiel. I don’t know what happened to the rest of the dishes but I have a couple teacups and saucers and a couple dessert bowls. Grandma Johnson died suddenly, age 47, when I was six years old. She couldn’t sleep, thought it was indigestion, and got up to do some crocheting in her chair in the living room. She was found there in the morning, dead of a heart attack. I was relieved when I passed that age, because I am so like her in appearance and movement.

Maggie Turner says:
NOVEMBER 25, 2016 AT 4:32 PM EDIT
I like WordPress, but commenting is something I find a little daunting. I don’t use a facebook login because I don’t like them tracking everything I read, kinda creepy. I don’t twitter, or google whatever. I created a wordpress account just so that I could comment on the blogs I love to read, and might want to comment on. Having said all that, I like your new digs!!

I hope people don’t have too much trouble figuring out the comment form here. It can be a pain in the ass and there are times when, at other people’s blogs, I give up out of frustration. Why should any reader have to create a WordPress account or sign up through FB, Twitter, etc? It should be as easy as putting in your name and email address, but no … WordPress has to take advantage, doesn’t it, and make you jump through hoops.


3 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs

  1. I have considered buying boots with the grips, little pointy things you can un-clip and then re-clip back into the boot grooves when you don’t need them. Sounds like from your description, they made little difference? I have been meaning to re-read Atwood’s Alias Grace for awhile.Now I hear a movie is in the works. Like your site.


  2. How tricky of you to use a comment invite that is at the top of the post, on the left, she says thankfully after screaming WordPress several times while zipping around the site. I like this new one almost as much as I like your new winter boots.


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