A New Day a New Way

This is where I’ll be blogging from now on. All the old fiction that was on this site is gone and I am starting fresh here.

Of course I’ll fiddle around with the layout and design a thousand times, but so be it. For me it’s fun to play with.

Right now that orange bar on the left just has to be clicked and it will give you some options, including the tarot card for the day. For the tarot information page you click on the image of the card.

I won’t be posting at Letters Galore anymore, so if you’re accustomed to being notified when I update and you want that to continue from this webpage, you’ll have to sign up here. See the orange bar on the left.

And don’t forget to bookmark this site, Aunt Reta! I’d miss your comments if you couldn’t find the webpage.

And now let’s see how this thing looks with a picture.


With spearmint and wild yarrow from the flowerbed I made a healing tea and drank it with my friend Julie in mind. She is suffering from a cold and this was the least I could do. No really: the least!

A real pleasure at present is the space and inclination to do more of some of the things I like to do. For instance, last week I baked these fabulous butterscotch brownies that were To Die For. They didn’t last on the countertop more than three days at the most.


You’ll love them.

Then yesterday I made my friend Shelly’s recipe for gingersnaps and they are equally delicious. We’ll be putting on the pounds around here if we’re not careful. I’m already dreaming about what to make next week.


3 thoughts on “A New Day a New Way

  1. I like WordPress, but commenting is something I find a little daunting. I don’t use a facebook login because I don’t like them tracking everything I read, kinda creepy. I don’t twitter, or google whatever. I created a wordpress account just so that I could comment on the blogs I love to read, and might want to comment on. Having said all that, I like your new digs!!


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